Undr Playtest Review
I performed a playtest for Undr (gasp, testing!) last night.

It was sub-optimal in that we had only three players, and the game is meant for four or more, but still went well enough.

The initial profile generation phase was a good deal of fun, but slowed down by the need for players to think up ideas for each category. All agree (myself included) that an appendix with suggestions for qualities will help make it a quicker off-the-shelf game. I'm thinking some pre-genned characters as well for first-timers is a good way to start.

Things went smoother for making hot singles, since we'd had practice at this point, but the plan is to make it even faster with a set of tables for quick-rolling.

The game-play during the dating phase proved a bit kludgy. First, it was too easy to guarantee that you'd impress a date by focusing on your highest-rolled qualities. Secondly, even when the character failed to impress, it was relatively easy to avoid annoying the date.

As a result, the friends rarely had to intervene as wingmen, and therefore the level of party involvement outside of the two controlling the dates was relatively low.

Lastly, there was a suggestion from the players, who are used to standard RPGs of the D&D/WoD variety, that there should be more group activity segments so it's not so one-on-one.


1. Static assign all six positive Qualities, and the same for negative Qualities. This speeds up the start of the week (no rolls for each Quality), and gives a more balanced spread (my players had some real lucky folk that were mostly 5s and 6s).

2. When impressing, add luck to the mix by having the player character and hot single roll 1d6 and add to the Quality. Adds greater tension and variability.

3. No longer win on ties. Combined with 1 & 2 this should increase difficulty notably.

4. Some sort of "hijinx" action that a group of friends could engage in along-side a date would be a potential value adder for RP opportunity, but not sure what it's result would be.

5. Appendix of qualities, pre-made characters, and rollable charts for generating hot singles seems like a good investment in speeding up setup.

Not sure this solves all the issues, but should help improve fun.