Undyne knows how to flirt -FINISHED
watch it here! 

hey guys! I finished this little piece of shit haha! it's still not public but overall it's finished. I might just edit a few things here and there but for now i need to sleep.

 it took 6 whole days, it shouldn't have! I didnt even animate it!! even though it would've been cool. but hey i had a lot of fun and im hella ready to continue the other animation i left off!

im getting the hang of backgrounds and im so happy about that. i hope soon i can draw awesome backgrounds! And in the very last scene i tried to animate a liiiiitle bit ....and hell, animating with thick lines is pain. how do people do that???? someday i'll make a full animation like that though. but for now im sticking to thin lines which makes it look more anime.

wish me luck on fishy love!