An uneventful week...
Last week, I got stuck in a weird maths problem.  This week, I'm ignoring it and trying something that's entirely different.

This week I'm making a boring generic Snake game.  I've spent most of today trying to come up with "crazy" ideas to make it a bit less like a generic snake game, but so far nothing's stuck.  If you have any wild and crazy ideas,  let me know and you might see it ingame in a few days time.

Meanwhile, my wonderful recent musical surge seems to have completely petered out.  I've tried a handful of CHOONS for next week, but so far nothing good has come out of my iPad.  Horrible clashing chords and instruments that sound like they've come out of a Tandy TRS80!!

Bad vibes, indeed.

Hopefully this is just a momentary gap, because I haven't yet come up with a Memories of "H" CHOON, yet.     Eek!