Unexpected generosity...
First of, my apologies that I didn't finish the newsletter today as promised. Something came up: I had to go pick something up and the only way to do that was late at night. I've been on the road all day, so there was no other option. 

What did I pick up? 

A wicked cool Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7K camera and bag to carry it in... 

I'm still a bit bewildered, so the easiest way to explain this is in chronological order. Here goes.

Last weekend, I received the following e-mail. 

My first reaction was: no way. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't. The catch is that sometimes, every now and then, it actually *is* true... 

I've been told more than once that all my work re. self-defense has made me a cynic and too mistrusting of people.  So after weighing all the options, I decided to take a chance.  

We exchanged some emails, I figured out a way to give at least something back for such generosity and then we waited for the package to arrive. 

It did so earlier today, but I could only pick it up late, hence no newsletter today, and me sharing this wonderful surprise with you all. There was a nice note in the box too:

My benefactor prefers to stay anonymous and I share this with his permission, providing I obscure all identifiers.  So I blacked out his name in the email and folded the note he signed. 

So what now?

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Mr. Anonymous! This is an excellent camera and it will allow me to make high quality pictures and recordings for all my upcoming books and videos. 

One of the most important things in my relationship to you, my Patrons, is transparency. I didn't want you to suddenly notice that getting a HD camera is no longer the next goal and wonder what was going on, or think I no longer intended to make videos.

That's why I am letting you all know about this, as it means I have to change my next goal now that I have unexpectedly received such an excellent camera. I have to think about this a bit, but I will update the next goal soon. 

This kind of thing usually only happens in the movies or on a TV show. It is a huge surprise to me and feels a bit awkward. I'll do my best to put the camera to good use so we can all benefit from it. :-)