Unexpected Experiment Results
WELL JEEZ THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG DID IT. Thanks to viewing someone's Lard pics the other week, my brain had a dream involving Zim and Lard that same night. This was the result. At first I was like oh I'll just make it kind of simple like the tallest one. But then I started putting backgrounds into it and got carried away. However the result turned out to be something I liked so that's good. Twas nice and fun. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one attracted to the Vortian design/legs/horns/etc. But now Lard and Zim have a problem. HAHAHAHHA Oh and apparently Zim is doing something with a pig in space. Not sure what, but that's on his screen up there so... yeah.... I LOVEDED YOU PIGGY, I LOVEDED YOUUUUUU!!! Poor Lard. Doesn't he look cute when he's helpless. and Zim looks good when he's pissed off, HAHAHHA! NICE LEG TIMES HAHAHHA
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