Unexperienced feelings become pain
When something is too difficult to experience, we push it aside and choose not to deal with it. This is an unconscious choice. All of those feelings, emotions, experiences become physical and mental pain. 

This is true suffering. We go into a state of reliving the drama over and over because we did not deal with it consciously. I know from my own experience that I didn’t choose not to deal with trauma. It was an automatic response to the situation. It was like the trauma exploding, scattering tiny pieces of the experience all over the brain. This made it impossible to bring it up as a clear memory, and made it into a flashback. Once something triggered it, all of the pieces came together and caused the flashback.

This is why I needed some help to cope during the worst times, and mostly in public, when the flashbacks appeared. So I worked together with a lot of people at Stanford university to create a free app for people Who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks. This app contains all of the most important tools to help you cope in public. You can make it into your own with your music and your pictures that soothe and calm you.

On the five dollar level I will go through the tools on the app one by one and show you how they work. I will help you understand how to design them in such a way that it helps you most efficiently. I will also give you other tools in coping that are not featured in the app. This was the kind of help that I would have wanted, but never found as I was searching for the help and support that I needed.

You will also get to ask any questions on any subject on my livestreams in a group setting for paying Patreons only. That is a great opportunity to bring up things that you really want an answer to. 

On the ten dollar level you also get strategies of dealing with the issues that are unique to your situation, videos with tools of healing, membership in the support group, and group chats where you get to talk to a group leader and all other members of your group about the true issues that you experience and get ideas on how to make your life better today. Everything is there for you if and when you should choose to utilize it. 

You don’t have to be in a group to work through the course but a lot of people feel it helps to have a supporting and loving community to share their journey with. If you should want that, it’s there for you.