Unfinished Excerpt #1: Hyper (Prologue)
Hyperspace was a theoretical concept, but it was becoming more and more essential for someone to discover its existence. It was time for a mass exodus from Earth, which was becoming dangerous to live on. The sky was filling with poison, the polar ice caps were melting, and trash was becoming more abundant than plants, which were being killed off by a deforestation. There were, of course, dangers that would come with sending three dimensional beings through an interdimensional medium, but at that point it was time to take a leap of faith.

The solution came from a place no one expected; not from a prodigious science institution, not from the government, and not from the best physicists, but from the basement of Emanuel Martinez, an amateur inventor with a collection of elements and a knack for serendipity. He discovered that certain particles react with folds in space time, or ley lines, to create breaches into higher dimensions entirely by accident when he mishandled a specimen of uranium and wound up thousands of miles away from his house in Alaska, U.S.A., near St. Ann’s Well in Worcestershire, England.

Word spread, and soon Emanuel was famous. More tests were conducted, and spacecraft were constructed with the ability to travel along the ley lines through hyperspace. But what no one knew at the time was that Emanuel’s little trip had mutated him, transforming his DNA.