An unfocused love letter to The Anime Machine
I  couldn't contribute as much as I wanted to The Anime Machine discussion during the third book club, so I want to briefly discuss it here.

It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of Lamarre's work. Likewise, it is no surprise that I take more than a few cues from his material. Brian very amusingly said, "Now I know where Joe gets his ideas from, that hack!" No doubt. I get a lot of ideas from Lamarre. I love Chobits because of Lamarre. I owe him a lot.

I owe The Anime Machine a lot. Without it, this channel wouldn't exist, no debate about it. There are those 'a-ha!' moments in your life where everything unfurls. This was mine.

I understand I'm being repetitive; I have trouble writing love letters to The Anime Machine. This blurb, as short as it is, is an exercise of ego. It's frantic, messy, short, noticeably short. Brief breaths.

There's usually something here where I can say, 'looking back on it, this is what I think about it!' But how do you engage with what is your becoming? I wanted to replicate that moment of unfurling. I don't know if I succeeded. I might not.

But I hope you guys like it nevertheless.