Unfunded But Not forgotten.

I fully admit, I suck at this whole advertising thing. I am too honest, I am commonly too busy, I don't want to ask for too much, I just am not good with this. This kickstarter failed because of that. I did need the money, and I really will be struggling without it, but I can still do this.

Square Forged has already improved leaps and bounds, and if I actually bothered to show that off maybe this would not have failed. I will continue to work on this game, and within a month or two I will be able to release a really early development version for free.

I really did not want to release a public alpha, too many people look at alphas and judge them as a fully finished game, and when an alpha is what an alpha is they put down the game never to pick it up again, even if it does become a fully finished game. but I need the funding, so lets call it a concept peace.

Kelvin Boeie, you are the first one to look at my game and think it is worth something. You will still get your reward.