Unicorn Day
Today was filled with the making of this little guy, A last moment request for a present from a friend that I had some time to take photos of for everyone else to see.

Making pony's and unicorns like this one has been one of the longest running types of plush Ive made, It was a pattern I found in a retro sewing book and making them actually originally taught me to sew. Seems so long ago now...

Things have moved on since then and lots of bits have changed, in fact you wouldn't even think that I started with that book if the two were compared now, a recent change to how I sew the legs about a month ago has brought things forward even further and I can see a way now possibly in the year to come where I can even make a rearing horse or other previously impossible designs.

But for now and likely until new year I'll have Unicorns like the pink heap at the front of the photo to work on, that new plush is filled with magic beans and is my next great idea.