Unicycles Don't Have Brakes
Howdy y'all! Hope you had a nice weekend! I kicked back a little bit myself, still did plenty of drawing as you can see. Did the cover for my journal comic and this comic, but still, lots of anime watching and good beer ("Space Dandy" and local Apocalypse Brew's "Solar IPA" respectively.) Burger Butts isn't what you would call a continuity heavy strip, but I supposed I introduced some here. When I'm staring out the window to brainstorm these, if it makes me chuckle to myself, I make it a comic. That's my way. I draw these strips at 6.5"x9", so jamming in 7 panels wasn't easy, especially that top row. But the joke wouldn't work without it. You might also notice the addison of the Creative Commons symbols on the bottom. There were suppose to be on the rest of them too, I just wasn't thinking. I'm a firm believer in the Creative Commons. If you are using the internet to share your work at all, you should really look into it. I'll go into more detail on that later this week.
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