Unimations! Buck-Tooth McGillicutty
I posted about this project last year, and I wanted to are it with everyone again. Comedian/VO actor Hal Lublin (Thrilling Adventure Hour, Welcome to Night Vale) are doing these improvised pieces of art called Un-imations. Hal improvises the voice track and I improvise the art and turn it into a speed drawing. We did a handful of these last year and we're planning on continuing them. I consider this part of my speed drawing project, so I'll be posting here as free posts for all to see. If you're coming here based on a tweet or post, thanks for checking it out! Please consider becoming one of my Patrons! Your tips help me continue this on a monthly basis. If you are a Patron already and like this, perhaps move up a tier in your patronage. One of the higher level tiers allows you to suggest a few names for our Un-imations. (hint, hint) In any event, thanks for viewing it and enjoy it! In any event, I'll be posting these on a weekly basis or until Hal and I get tired of doing them. :)
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