Greatest FASANS,  I welcome you all to this academic session, coming from the desk of the student union government of the electoral commission. I Charles Onwuegbuna wishes to address the 2016/17 student union government election that took a different shade and arrived at successful end via our very own faculty in its Parliament and Executives arm.

It is a well known fact that nothing great is achieved without a price. The Executive arm in the areas of clearance played out the way the school management wished and they had laws surrounding them, which made it almost impossible to reverse the decisions they take or took, nevertheless we tried to give all concerned a fair platform to canvas but that also was to no avail and as the case would be we had one person in the executive arm whom we pulled our arsenal together to make a Victor and today he stands the union president in person of Com. Osemudieme Elvis a student of History and international Studies . 

The Parliamentary arm- : from the very beginning was and could only be salvaged by the hand of God because a lot of things were not right. We had persons that took to lobbying reasons best known to them, some departments had issues with sending the maximum number of allocated persons,  some didn't,  some sent 7, some stakeholders of the department argued that they are superior to the administration of their department hence they should be able to send their candidates. Stakeholders of the faculty came up with their requests and formats with the view to stay relevant and the "know better factor", issues of seat allocation between Ekhewan campus and ugbowo also came up. Need to occupy a position in the house to safeguard the presidential office was not up for debate it was a must and Chief whip was the best shot for it since we didn't have anybody aspiring for speaker in as much as we had some persons that were interested in office of the Clerk, etc,  we know that he who controls the mace controls the house. And lastly the need to narrow our votes and interest to one principal office in the house needed to be addressed. 

All these were addressed by a single person, Rt. Hon. COMM'R Charles Onwuegbuna on the grounds which he felt was just, because all listening ears and office holders were ready for compromise and I was not. What you see today in the SUG Parliament representing Faculty of Arts was not gotten on the grounds of nepotism and sentiment, it's a clear evidence of what is needed to be done. Out of the 17 slots allocated to FASA, 35 FASANS bought form, hence 18 persons needed to be screened out of the 35 to match the balance. 

My watch word before and after the clearance was "let the best hands do the job not the highest bidder", and with this I wish and hope that my successor would stand for the better and Greater FASA  and on the grounds on what was done today and would also remember not to forget Oaths taken to serve FASA  and not FASANS , Beause FASANS  may compromise but FASA  won't. 

Department of FOL that failed to have a rep because of their miscalculations will be considered with the added 2 slots that I opted for to make sure faculty of Arts is equitably represented and its been approved by the management and will be implemented by the house making faculty of Arts to have a total number of 19 persons without the mayor and mayoress added. 

FASA is great again! 

Signed : Charles  Onwuegbuna  SUG Commissioner 





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