"An unique approach"
This book has a unique approach to help and appreciate you, the helpers of seriously ill people. Huib offers a new practical, human-centered way of dealing with health information. His book is also ringing a bell for the new time how to work together towards health and thriving.  It will change how you deal and communicate with the ones you care for. And brings light into the unseen world of Lyme you got thrown into, with easy consumable knowledge. Everybody should first take care of their own health and then of their surroundings. That is a way that strongly resonates with me as a physician.

I feel sad that there is still an immense distance, misunderstanding and anger between the different roles in our health systems. Also, I can read Huib’s deep involvement. He will take you by the hand and lead you through it. Now and then take a break and check your own point of view. Generally I would advise this book for any type of health Issues: “Find your own opinion!” This book definitely supports this critical confrontation towards health in general and Lyme specifically.

I would have wished we are already in a CoCaring world and the taste of bitterness wouldn’t be necessary. Well in 2014 it still seems to be and that is OK! Maybe it is useful to voice your and your loved ones’ frustration. Let it grow into productive caring.

Additionally what I like a about this book: it puts doctors, caretakers and family and patients on the same level of importance. Which, from a professional side, I have been longing for, for
 a long time! I can see that more and more of my colleagues are longing for it too. Some humbleness returns, which gives hope!

We live in times where we all need to work together to master a new line of diseases. Diseases which are not that easy to detect as before. Illnesses that take years to develop. They are especially heavy for the person whom it affects, because symptoms and incidents fall out of our observation span and so they are not acknowledged for what they are.

I encourage you to trust your own and your loved ones’ intuition: if you feel there is something wrong with your health, there is. Not everything can be detected by diagnostic tests, since they are limited. You and your loved one are the first ones that notice the changes in your own lives. Trust me: us doctors have to follow. If you feel you want to go a certain way of treatment, try it. Huib’s book shows you good steps towards real health care and opportunities to grow through the challenge of Lyme.

Review of 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm' by Kim Johannes Schimmler, Medical Doctor & Knowmad. Germany