UNIQUE OFFER ON MY ART - funding a new creative retreat!

My beautiful patron....

I'm opening a limited-time offer this summer, to raise funds for purchasing this really magical, simple property in Molise...

My vision is to keep the arthouse,  freeing it up for both paying and non-paying guests - as a haven for beautiful creative folks who most need deep respite from modern life.

The new property has an extensive piece of land attached, and will be the perfect location for more intimate events (i.e. one-on-one art holidays), and to develop my eco-spiritual and healing work.

The Molise house will require a budget of at least €30,000 to purchase and make habitable - and a more robust Patreon income to keep my non-paying guests comfortable and nourished. 

With all this in mind, I've outlined a campaign that I'll be presenting publicly soon, to bring the prices of ALL my art right down - to €2000, €1000 and €500 - only during August and September. 

First choice will be given to my patrons and previous clients - so please check my catalogue as soon as possible to ensure you get the painting that you love! - and I'll be announcing to a wider client list soon.

I'll be making up page on my  website to illustrate the project more clearly.

Any questions at all, please just comment below or email me via Patreon here!

Huge love and gratitude to you for your ongoing support in helping me align with my vision and purpose in the world!!

Clare xx

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