Unique Projectiles Volume 1

Hey guys how's it going?

The full package contains 30 Stylized Projectiles with 30 Muzzles and 26 Impacts/Hits. It includes Spells, Bullets, Fireballs, Dark Magic and much more.

All the packages contain the Particle System Controller Script which allows anyone to easily re-size, re-time and re-color any effect. AND now you can save the original settings of any VFX before making changes.  

New: WebGL Demo. 

Rewards Links:

5$ (5 Projectiles) - Arrow Blue, Arrow Poisoned, Bullet Orange, Laser Red and Pink Gum 

10$ (10 Projectiles) - Same as 5$ + Bubble Blue + Bubble Rose + Feather + Laser Blue + Sword Ice + Shaders

20$ (Full Package) - 30 Projectiles, 30 Muzzles & 26 Hits/Impacts


Update v1.3 (12/03/19):

-4 New Projectiles / 4 New Muzzles / 4 New Hits 

-Small optimization improvements 

-Included 2D Demo


Update v1.2 (03/12/18):

-6 NEW Projectiles (2 Comets, 2 Arrows, 2 Swords);

-WebGL Demo (Go blast some projectiles!);

-Unity 2018.2 Supported;

-Mobile Scene;

-Bug Fixes;

Update v1.1 (25/09/18):

-Fix for Mobile;

-Added Materials, Shaders and Prefabs for Mobile;

-Added Mobile Demo;

-Bug Fixes;

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