The United State of Love Story 1
This story was revealed to a chia when she was experimenting with Alchemy Art -her art of self-discovery and transformation- 

One day she is sitting in her private jungle where she has an outdoors art studio. Suddenly in her dome-like 5D screen a projection of the most beautiful Angel come on transmitting the following words:

... imagine there is a country where all the citizens are connected with a higher state of Love. 

"The United States of Love" is THIS "Imaginary" COUNTRY; a country made from the inter-connectedness of love between its citizens. 

This love-inter-connectity of humans is a new society now manifesting in your reality, a totally new paradigm on how to live life... 

Now this country begins with the WOMEN!  

In my next post, I will reflect about WOMEN as the first manifestors wave of this new earth love-inter-connected-society.