"United States isn't the greatest nation anymore. Look at China."
When I look around, my younger brother bought a house. Bae's friends who are breeders are having babies and buying houses. My friend got a new job. My other friend got a new job. The employment report indicates the lowest unemployment in years. My dad says the company he works for can't make enough cars to sell.  Overtime is plenty. Gas is cheap.  My cats made $500 in the last month. What?

If pet cats can make $500 and swag, we have to be living in the best of times right?

Overall, the macro economic data for the United States is good.

Certainly you can look at the mainstream news and think otherwise, but I stick to numerical data, and it's without debate, inflation is on target, wages are increasing, consumer sentiment is high, product is being manufactured, exports are solid (despite a slowdown to China although they'll gobble up our gas for years to come),  and doesn't it seem we are at the embryonic beginnings of space and beyond, and always at innovation's doorstep?

Wait til Google's D-Wave or IBM successfully puts quantum physics advantages into reality, and then that quickly becomes obsolete.

Maybe I am an Pollyana, but during a conversation this week, someone uttered "United States isn't the greatest nation anymore. Look at China."

I had to scoff.  Maybe the Trump rhetoric being blasted at us from all angles has infected their perspective because there we were, sitting in an air conditioned condo, less than a mile away from the beach, having just eaten a bounty of shrimp and sushi grade tuna. Maybe it was because we weren't on beach front property that was millions of dollars, and having to walk the extra quarter mile by the fancy Mercedes and Beamers to get to the beach was the contrast needed to feel that what we were experiencing wasn't enough and abundant??

I don't know.

I noticed and scoffed.

But me noticing says more about me than them.

It says I get annoyed at irrational, unsubstantiated fear and implications of scarcity and suffering where there is none.

Because IMO it's irrational fear/scarcity attitude that makes humans become enemies of each other and act accordingly.

It makes us competitive, it makes us form factions to support like minds and alliances, and you know what happens when that occurs if you've watched Game of Thrones. 

People just kill each other, and throw the worst parties ever.

Anyways, I too have a human brain, so I too am frequently fraught with unsubstantiated fears. ( I get annoyed at myself when I'm scared.)

I think that's why I love the market. It's constantly testing my ability to withstand the voice inside of my head that says, "YOURE GOING TO LOSE IT ALL. GO GET A JOB DRAWING. ITS A SURE THING."

The admission of the voice existing does not indicate actual truth or weakness. It's merely the voice of the basic lizard brain processor gathering the most like outcomes, which is Yes or No. Yes something bad can happen, No something bad will not happen. That is it.

It is the more developed part of the human brain that allows us to scrutinize the situations with facts.

Scared of flying in an airplane due to terrorists or a crash?

The likelihood is that you will die in a car accident is much higher.

The likelihood that you will die from cancer, heart disease, or some ailment is even higher than that.

So fly all you want, but wear your car seat belt, eat your veggies, go to your doctor for checkups.

Also, relax, United States is currently still at the very top of Ponzi scheme.


Let see if Jimmy John's social media responds to a prompt for a Threesome.

PS. Article post is the current market.  There's fear and there's an equal amount of positive news. No one ever said it was easy to discern reality.