The United States is Not a Democracy

The United States is not a Democracy. It's a Constitutional Republic. In a Democracy, if the majority wants to come take your house or your car, they can. All they have to do is vote away your individual rights and government can seize them at gunpoint.

In a Constitutional Republic - the rights of the individual are protected by a Constitution which enumerates limits on the government and the majority, to violate the rights and property of the individual.

It's important to understand this process, because it is clear that a plurality of Americans - Republicans (who should know better) and Democrats (who historically reject the freedom of individual responsibility for the security of a socialist state) both appear determined to support candidates who neither understand nor respect the rule of Constitutional law, nor the liberty it protects.

Our liberty and freedom are not under threat from an outside force invading our shores - but rather an abysmal lack of familiarity with its most basic precepts by a growing population from within the nation itself who would gladly vote it away out of anger or entitlement.

As Justice Antonin Scalia once noted: (Paraphrasing) Rights and Freedoms are not material things or income subsidies that government takes from your fellow tax payers and gives to you. Rather they are areas of your life and daily activities over which government has no authority or jurisdiction.

It's critical to understand the distinction, and profoundly sad to see how many people fail to do so

And there are wolves aplenty, waiting at the door, who smell that liberty hemorrhaging away; as we elect on ourselves, leaders who would eviscerate the rights and freedoms enumerated in our Constitution - whether they do so out of calculated design or simple ignorance cloaked in good intentions.

If our liberty dies, it will not be at the hands of a foreign invader - it will be because We the People voted its death upon ourselves

>>>Stay Conservative my friends, and thanks for letting me rant