Universe 21 - Post 6(Update 1.0.5)

 In today's patreon post i'll be talking about what i've been working on for update 1.0.5. Game Updates  Pre-Alpha v.1.0.5(Live now)

  • New
    • Added Roof System, organization outposts have roofs now(Phase 1 Testing). 
    • Added Drop Feature, you can now drop items on the floor from Inventory, F to pick up. 
    • Added World Bosses
    • Added Prime Gear, Dropped by World Bosses. 
    • Added Prime Essences an Item dropped by World Bosses. 
      • Using the Prime Essence, evolves your race to the Prime State, adding a New Effect to your race and 3 more evolution stages. 
    • Added Open/Close System to Organization Doors. 
    • Added Screen Fading, its first usage will be for when you consume a Prime Essence. 
    • Added a New Technique Type Destroyer 
      • You concentrate all your Energy into a massive energy sphere. 
    • Added New Effects. 
      • Melee Impact. 
      • Rock debris. 
      • Craters. 
        • Small – Light Melee, Light Energy Blast. 
        • Medium – Heavy Melee, Heavy Energy Blast, Beams. 
        • Big – Destroyers. 
  • Tweaks 
    • Organization windows note your org outpost if you have one. 
    • Big Optimization done under hood for the Inventory and items, you won't notice any difference in game(Bugs may occur).  
    • The Map will show your Organization Outpost location now. 

  • Bug Fixes 
    • Potential fix for the screen flickering when capturing a zone. 
    • The Map will show your Organization Outpost location now. 
    • Fixed some issues with the SHOP NPC, such as spamming F, you can no longer move, or open other windows until you're finished talking to him.

 Feedback is very welcome do so via the discord universe 21 channels. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ykk0lc4ewe55drn/AADyY9j_HkFaF-ZOmBElxoXza?dl=0  - Download Link for Universe 21 Launcher. https://www.s10games.com/ - Work in progress website. https://discord.gg/wvG4Aj2 - Discord. https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=11072646 - Support. 

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