University - Harder Distinguished Degree acceptance

My second annoyance with the pack, too easy to get into the distinguished degrees. This mod aims to make low level skills (under 7) count a lot less in the acceptance. So to get into a distinguished fine art degree, for example, you need to actually be a damn good painter.

Updated - made it a bit easier, and:

Made high school level A count more for some courses like Physics

Made Herbalism skill give a bonus for Biology (wtf Maxis...)

Made Bartending give a bonus for Culinary Arts (WTF MAXIS!!?)

Updated -

Made Physics give bonus for Doctor

Made History, Art History and Language and Literature give a bonus for Professor

Made Biology give a bonus for Scientist

Made Psychology give a bonus for Lawyer and Doctor

Updated -

Made some traits give bonuses for getting into distinguished degrees:

Genius - will affect all degrees,

Art History - bonus for Creative and Art lover.

Communications - bonus for Outgoing and Insider.

History - bonus for Bookworkm.

Economics - bonus for Materialistic.

Computer Science - bonus for Geeks.

Fine Arts - bonus for Creative.

Language and Literature - bonus for Creative and Bookworm.

Biology - bonus for Loves Outdoors.

Villainy - bonus for Evil and Mean.

Drama - bonus for Goofball, Self Assured, Outgoing.

Culinary - bonus for Foodie and Creative

Psychology - bonus for Insider.

I get they wanted it based on merit, but that's going to make sims even more all alike, 'cause honestly... skills are so easy.

The bonus are small in most cases.


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