University Activities - 4 Activities for Sims in University [NOW REQUIRES XML INJECTOR]

This update removes the need for a script, and now requires Scumbumbo's XML Injector! Why? Because if you have too many scripts adding "Take PTO" to phones, you may encounter an error breaking the entire game. Also updated SimData again.


Here are 4 Activities available for University students (these become available so long as you are enrolled)

Each have 3 levels, as described below:

Aspiring Teachers Association:

1) Irregular Educator:   You occasionally poke in and out of the club meetings just to get a feel for the environment. It can be overwhelming being surrounded by people who might appear infinitely more serious about teaching than you are, and that's okay! Ice breaker activities won't be so scary after you overcome this hurdle. 

2) Teaching Trainee:   You have some powerful and useful skills under your belt, but you need to actually use those skills to be a successful teacher. Maybe tutor some classes for those valuable experience hours? 

3) Potential Professor:   You know your stuff! Or at least, you know enough for this week's lesson plan. The school system is constantly changing, so you better stay informed and keep your grades up if you want your students to best benefit from your class. (You will earn a small grant + reward trait: Mentor)

Thespian Club:

1) Auditioning Actor:   You're either a beginner or just can't pass an audition to save your life. For now, you're lucky if the director requests for you as a background extra. Keep practicing, or, you know, don't quit your day job. 

2) Seasoned Speaking Role:    From "City Guard 2" to "Professor Lexington," you will grow acquainted with minor and supporting roles. You have narrow brushes with a shot at an understudy role, but even the most brutal cold and flu seasons just can't take the leads down. You can't give up now, that callback list is just around the corner, literally! Go check it! 

3) Cast List Commander:   Your name is on the top of every cast list, the production's program has your picture on it, and there's talk of adding you to the arts' building's alumni hall of fame. Auditions are a joke to you now, but don't let it get to your head, should you lack the proper connections, you could find yourself at rock bottom after graduation.  (You will earn a reward trait: World Renowned Actor/Actress)

Environmental Club:

1) Cleanup Crew:   You're just starting out in the environmentalism field, so the upperclassmen have given you all the most grimy tasks to prove your worth, definitely not because they don't want to do them. Right? 

2) Early Activist:   Now is your turn to spread the word of helping the planet! You still need to do your part in cleaning up litter from less informed sims, but now you're doing it to set an example! 

3) Confident Conservationist:   Litterbugs tremble when they hear you've gathered your classmates to tidy their mess and teach them a lesson. Your conservation efforts have the whole campus talking, and in a good way! (You will earn a grant and Reward Trait: Natural Speaker)

Pride Alliance:

1) Hand-Raising Rookie:  When discussions are held, you're not sure what to say or when to say it. Some members overwhelm you, and there are even some personalities within the club you definitely do not want to encounter ever again. If you can gather enough confidence (and patience) you can become a valuable member of the Pride Alliance. 

2) Distinguished Discourser:   You can talk the talk, but you haven't quite mastered the art of knowing what every person wants to hear. Whether the discussion is on gender neutral bathrooms on campus or pronoun circles, you can stay on your feet whenever you have a disagreement. Just don't forget what "alliance" means. 

3) Masterful Mediator:   Your ability to keep your cool could rival that of a penguin. No discussion is too intense or heated for you to bring the peace. You haven't lost sight of the club's true goal: to bring LGBT students and allies together in improving campus life and relationships.  (You will earn a Reward Trait: Kindness Ambassador)

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