University - Required Degree... but for promotions!

This mod is born form an idea of Marco Cantillo, I only did the technical part.

Required Degree For Promotions... MIDNITETECH Edition

With this mod, you will still be able to get into all careers but at some point, the requirements panel will tell you that to advance further, you need a degree:

At this point you'll have the choice to keep going to work like this, or get this degree. The panel is going to give you a hint on what degree you need and this is valid for almost all career in game (I left out Athlete, Criminal and Actor):

and I've been a bit of a dick with some of them....

some career will require a degree from a specific University, and some of them, with honours.

The doctor career is special. You can get into it, but right from level 1 you'll be requested to start university, On level 5, you'll be requested to get the degree.

The level changes from career to career.

In the zip there is a main file, you need it, and the files for the career from other packs you want to include.

Veterinary is not included, but you can still use the file for it from my other mod.

Requirements for Degrees keep the standard Maxis setting (ex: Business requires the same degrees that would get you jump in that career)

ADDON - More Degrees Required for Promotions

With this addon you'll get 2 degree requirements. The second one will come later in your career and will check what type of the required degree you have.

So, let's say you got promoted in the Business career in the Investor track with an Economics degree from Britechester (that is not the distinguished one) and got some advancement, all is well... only that, it's not...

There will be another check on level 2 of that track, and the advancement will then require a degree in Economics, yes... but from Foxbury.

So, if you don't plan in advance, you can actually get stuck in your career. The check happen on the level before the highest one the best degree you can get in that career lets you jump, so for example, for the Doctor the check happens on level 7, since the Distinguished Honour degree lets you jump to that level, I followed Maxis rules, this way you know and can plan the degree to get.

Most of the talent based, artistic career are left out, like Painter and Author where talent can bring you up to the top, but most of the ones that would have an education requirement in real life, will have the second check too. 

Exception: education professor track, any honour degree will do, I don't agree at all with Maxis decision about Psychology here.

All EPs career are included in the file.

Fixed Military career

Zafireria wrote down all the requirements for the various careers

Note for translators: the addon has it's own strings included in the package.


Italian - French (Kamikosoma updated) - Polish - Chinese (by ttChubb)

IF SOMETHING IS NOT WORKING PLEASE REPORT WHAT CAREER YOU'RE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH EXACTLY - it's most likely a mistake I did in the tuning of that specific career 



31/01- Villainy (Criminology) now counts for the detective career. Fixed a problem in the social media career.