University Costs More

My first annoyance with the pack... yeah.... classes cost was a joke, they all cost 240... not anymore:

Class A - 1240

Class B - 1480

Class C - 1720

Class D - 1960

Class E - 2200

Class F - 2440

Class G - 2680

Class H - 2920

Class I - 3160

Class J -3400

Class K - 3640

Class L - 3880

Total Cost: 30720

Electives cost changes based on a way it seems logic to me, so, for example, where Vampire Lore class is the most expensive one (5200) along with Gourmet Cooking (4000, cooking school is expensive) and Piano, Violin and other artistic classes, Handiness and Flower Arranging are cheap (1500)

How to tune the mod to your liking:

Open the mod in S4Studio, you'll see a lot of files. Every class has a Tuning file and a SimData file:

In the tuning, search for the "cost" line and change the value:

Default at 240 in game. In the SimData file, search for the "cost" line and change the value to the same one you put in the corresponding tuning (they have the same name and instance ID):

Tedious but easy, since you have to edit every single one of them.


24/12 Added: Repo_fix 

I was told that if you increase the cost of the classes, and the loan, the repoman still calls even if you make a payment. This because the repoman calls if your debt is equal or over 50 in any case, and the interaction to pay the loan asks you to pay at least the 6% of the loan... 'course the repoman is going to call if the loan is so high. 

This fix is tuned for my mod, it increases the value in the test to 2500, so the repoman will call if your debt is more or equal of 2500. Tuning this is tricky because can't know exactly how much your loan is going to be, but this fix can also be used with other mods that increase the cost of classes.