University - Required Degree for Careers

Another annoyance I always had with The Sims in general, is how you can get into the Doctor career without a degree, so.... I kinda get why the team will never do this, but that doesn't stop me from doing it.... some careers will require a degree, otherwise the option to get into them will not even show. Right now, the careers I covered are:

From GTW

Doctor: requires a Psychology, Physics or Biology degree

Scientist: requires a Physics, Biology or Computer Science degree

Detective: requires any non artistic degree (Fine Arts, Culinary Arts, Litterature and such are out) 'cause I didn't want to restrict it too much, though psychology is the one giving bonus for it.

(please let me know if this affect the assignation of townies to careers)

From Base Game

Astronaut: requires a Physics, Biology or Computer Science degree (looked this on the net)

Secret Agent: requires a Computer Science or Villainy degree (added: Psychology)

Business: requires Economics degree EDITED: requires a degree, economics gives boost

Tech Guru: requires Computer Science degree EDITED: requires a degree, computer science gives boost


Writer: requires Language and Literature degree or Communications (added History, makes sense to me)

Painter: requires Fine Arts or Art History degree

we have the freelance tracks for amateurs.

Style Influencer: I looked this on the net... you NEED a degree to be stylist so I added it too, though any art degree is fine except Culinary, Communications and Drama are fine too (it says that you only need a degree actually).

>>> BASE GAME V2 <<<

Since Astronaut and Secret Agent are really peculiar careers, in V2 they will require 2 degrees among the ones listed above to get into them (to be an Astronaut, you need both Biology and Physics to make an example) - Suggested in the comments.

From University

Education: requires a degree

Engineer: requires a Computer Science or Physics degree

Law: requires a Communications or Economics degree ('cause they didn't put in a law course...) (added: Psychology, Language and Literature and History)

From Pets

Buy a Veterinary Clinic: requires a Biology or Physics degree, now.... the option in the UI will still show if the sim has no degree, but it will do nothing unless the sim has one of the required degrees. 

From City Living

Social Media: needs a Communications degree (added: Language and Literature and Computer Science 'cause why not)

Activist: needs Communications or History degree

Critic: needs Culinary Arts, Fine Arts or Art History degree

From Island Living

Conservationist: needs Biology. EDITED: Needs a non Arts degree, this because biology already lets you skip the lower ranks in this career.

Got suggestions? Drop a comment.

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