The Unofficial Gude to Konami Shooters now available!
The paperback, Kindle, and PDF copies of the Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters are now available for sale! Table of contents and more info here: The data is still filtering through Amazon, so the paperback and Kindle copies are not yet linked. Once they are, you should be able to purchase a Kindle copy for .99 cents if you've purchased the paperback. The paperbacks are also not currently available on the Amazon EU sites (at least, that I've seen) but should be soon. Any of the $5+ backers, I actually updated the PDF from when I sent it out two days ago. I made a super last minute addition (and delayed the publication a day) in order to fit in a tiny bit of information about the ports for Scramble / Super Cobra. The attachment PDF has not been updated (I don't think it will let me change it) but the Dropbox links have been updated. Also, for any $25+ backers, I have processed all of your orders and they should be shipping out in a day or two. Shipping time may depend, especially the international orders, which may take a couple weeks. I've also included your copy of the Holiday Special 2014 in this shipment. Super big thanks to everyone for your support, you all helped make this happen! Kurt