Unparalleled Suffering Photography Patreon Limitations

The vast majority of the work I do as Unparalleled Suffering Photography is undercover documenting.  I'm rarely out with my camera around other activists and I don't get to sanctuaries as much as I'd like to (for right now at least).  My type of undercover work is a very different style than what you'd think of when you think of undercover investigations, but that is indeed what I do.  Unlike most other working artists who have Patreon pages I cannot disclose most of what I've done or what I have planned.  Every so often I can disclose some information and share some exclusive content or stories, but that's not the norm.  You may know of other activists who document crimes against animals, but those are usually people in groups documenting animals in transport trucks or something else they don't have to be undercover for and there's no reason why they'd have to be secretive about what they're doing on a platform like Patreon.  If someone is going to support my Patreon they're going to do it because they value my work, believe in me, and want my range and volume of work to be able to expand.  I have remained steadfast since the start of UPS Photography in not only documenting animal atrocities, but constantly becoming more educated and figuring out more types of things to shoot. If anyone on here ever wants any of my images for anything please just let me know.