Unplug, Connect, Give Thanks, Follow My Playlist?
Greetings! So for some of us it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and the whole week leading up to that is always hectic and zinging with stress. 
Introducing the Folk Flight playlist to make everything okay as you're navigating the BS!   
click the link and hit follow and download to your device of choice for en-route listening happiness! 

I intend to keep refining it and keeping it fresh and then add some of my own songs to it as they are released.  Follow along if you please!

Thanksgiving...time to say one's gratitudes aloud. I'm grateful for you. Every day. Thank you.

Coming soon: a reveal of my first fully produced song, called "I'll Be There for You" and some behind the scenes.

Hope you enjoy the playlist and please give me feedback if you have a song that would be perfect for it or you hear one in there that seems like it doesn't belong! 

Happy Thanksgiving and best of wishes to you from me all the time.


On a personal note, for oversharing purposes, since patreon is supposed to be a place of safety, vulnerability and extra information, my thoughts today have been along the lines of: This is a tough time of year to be an animal, or a vegan...in fact, since I went vegan (again) people are either mostly worried or insulted. My favorite answer is the largest land animals on the planet are all vegan, and that animal protein is the byproduct of the original protein, which all came from plants in the first place. I feel sorry for all the extra meat that has to happen this time of year, but I also feel confident that in some future time  everyone will be vegan and look back at this time the way we look back at the Neanderthals. I guess I'm saying I have hope for the future and I'm happy that I'm doing what I'm doing, and I'm not angry or resentful, I feel truly happy and blessed and I want all the creatures on the planet to feel that way...starting with you!

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Your dollar makes a difference in my recording and production budget! Every patron matters A LOT and has a place in my heart and in the existence of Celestial Blue Music! Thank you!

Beachcomber benefits include:

  • Premier Access to all Videos, Songs, Vlogs and Blogs 
  • Access to Patreon-only content
  • Direct Messaging
  • Patrons-Only Bonuses

Typically, I premier my videos and songs here on Patreon BEFORE they go public AND Patrons get zero ads during the premier. Then the content is monetized and made public. Some Patron-Only content is NEVER made public and ONLY available to patrons. 


Rain Dog!
$3 or more per month
Thank you so much for contributing to the recording and production budget for new Celestial Blue Music. You make it so much more possible to successfully bring new songs into the world!

Rain Dog benefits include:

  • All Beachcomber rewards
  • LYRICS (frequently handwritten and alternate versions or the evolution of lyrics from start to finish)
    • bloopers...actually I don't think I've made anything without bloopers yet...
    • behind the scenes videos

THEME SONG :) https://youtu.be/UySEmdJKO4c 

Jazz Cat!
$5 or more per month
Thank you for being an important part of the Celestial Blue Music team! Snaps! Snaps! Jazz hands!

~You can hang out and listen to all the fresh upcoming Celestial Blue Music (along with all the demos of the past) on your own speakers cuz you're getting DOWNLOADS of everything. 

Jazz Cat benefits include:

  • All Beachcomber and Rain Dog rewards, plus
  • DOWNLOADS of all the music I release 



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Welcome fellow treehugger! Thank you for caring enough to contribute as much as a monthly media subscription. 

If you are a Spotify user, we can collaborate on playlists together - let's do some Music Discovery together! We'll share inspirations, favorite artists, new finds. I update new playlists every week on Spotify. 

If you are an artist or music creator, share something each month with me that you would like to boost on social media and I'll spread the word to all my twitter and Facebook followers. 

If you make music, I'll answer music business questions or help with any aspect of that I can, just direct message me.

And you get all the Beachcomber, Rain Dog and Jazz Cat rewards (behind the scenes, early access, lyrics, downloads, etc.)

POTENTIAL THEME SONG: https://youtu.be/qmIOkfFssZs

$20 or more per month
  • All of the above, plus 
  • I will learn a cover song of your choice and dedicate it to you.
    • Delivered after the first six months of your pledge. Annual recurrence!  
    • Your name in credits as executive producer + video credits and/or description/notes.

OUR THEME SONG...FOR NOW...https://youtu.be/DXExqpAq2ck

Concert Cat
$50 or more per month

  • All of the above, plus
  • Your own online concert,
    • pick the day, the time, who you want to invite, and even the setlist
    • repeats 1-2 times per year (one for each patron in this category and both can come to the other)

Suggested Theme Song: https://youtu.be/xRetApAXNKY 

Chat Cat
$100 or more per month
What's new kitty cat??

Downloads, lyrics, behind the scenes, early access, direct messaging and monthly live chat.

Custom Cat
$300 or more per month
Custom Cat
  • This is a category for custom song creation using the Patreon platform.
  • I will create a song just for you...
    • It can be a personal song for your enjoyment,
    • a gift to someone,
    • a jingle for your patreon page or business,
    • a poem without music,
    • a song without words...um that's an instrumental...
    • it can be a cue sheet, a demo, a finished recording, something for you or someone else to record, etc.
  • One month here includes writing time, practice time, recording time (demo quality)
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