Ed from Shaun of the Dead stands in to represent the audience whenever I sit down to record an episode of Unplugged. The scribbles in the background are my notes for this very informal introduction to the new project.

Unplugged? What is it?

A new show exclusively for Patreon supporters wherein I explore everything else that doesn't make it into the regular podcast.

What do you mean by "Unplugged"?

This is a chance for me to step back and go work on permaculture education away from a computer or the other usual trappings of the podcast, including a long script or copious notes. Instead, it is just me, Ed, some notes in a notebook, and a field recorder. In the case of this first episode, it was a voice recorder and my smartphone.
Why a new podcast? Why not just wrap it into the regular show?

Though I've tried things like shorter interviews or the topical Permabytes which ran a few years ago, what I heard time and time again was to keep the show what it is: a long format, interview-driven podcast with authors, scientists, and practitioners whose work influences or is applicable to permaculture. After considering creating a completely separate, shorter podcast on Soundcloud or somewhere else, I decided to create it for Patreon supporters instead.

What can we expect?

Shorter, topic or question and answer podcasts, with a more relaxed tone, less editing, and an overall production value that aims for something more relaxed and informal. With that, none of these should run more than 15 minutes in length, with most clocking in at 5 minutes or less.

Just enough time to listen while brushing your teeth in the morning, or on a bathroom break at the office.

Who can listen?

Everyone who supports the show on Patreon will get an episode from time to time, including an upcoming series on David Holmgren's 12 Principles of Permaculture, but the only way to hear every release is to be a $5 a month or more Patreon supporter. If you want to have access to the IDEA Box and have your questions or topic included in an upcoming release, support the show at $11 a month of more.

How often will there be new episodes?

That depends on what questions or ideas you have for me. For this first introductory episode leave a comment if you have something in mind you'd like to hear in an episode.