Until Dawn Parts 13-15! FINALE!
So I found  this ask I got on tumblr from September of last year, just a little bit after the game came out. Crazy we made it all the way to the end of the LP. I surely thought I would give up because I'm a huge baby! 

I should also kick this off by saying; HEY, it's a new month! Welcome to all my new patrons. I hope you stick around and like what you see! If you do, be sure to share my stuff with your friends. Maybe they'll think I'm an ok dude to watch as well!

Enough mindless self-indulgence, have some videos;

Until Dawn;

Part 13: Shoot It! Just Shoot It!

Part 14: He Just Punched A Pig

Part 15: Finale

It's been a slow week for extra videos, but I've got a few Onesies down the pipe line. (Games purchased, I just gotta get off my ass and record/edit!) So you'll be seeing some cool stuff real soon. Speaking of which, Gabby and I were live streaming the other day and did an episode of Resident Evil 5 live! We'll be getting back to recording that regularly. Gabby's still on a job hunt so I'm giving her as much time as she needs, which is also why I've been editing the LPs!

Anyway, be on the lookout for some rapid fire Kingdom Hearts for the next few weeks and if you want to suggest what my 2nd playthrough should be, shoot me a tweet!

Catch you guys on the other side of the pillow,

<3 Dylan "Dylon" Saramago