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Most of us will feel worthless without the soul. It is excruciating not to be at one and at peace with our divinity. People kill themselves and other people over it. The pain is so great that many would rather die than continue living without a connection to their soul. The sad part is that hardly no one knows what is wrong. Belief in the traditional idea of Jesus as a blood sacrifice to take away our sins results in a lack of connection with the infinite value of the soul. The soul is the true Christ within that cannot be destroyed or replaced. There are absolutely zero substitutes. The misunderstanding in the interpretation of the message of Christ is fatal. No one wants to admit to the mistake for fear of making the Church wrong. This is unconscious pride and peer pressure. How is one to justify or atone for the consequences? There is no amount of anything that will ever make up for a lack of connection with the soul. We have to put aside our beliefs as we begin to find out what is really important. It obviously won’t happen overnight. The attachment to our beliefs runs very deeply. But once we start to realize the truth of the soul as our real identity, then we begin to see our value. This shift is the most fundamental aspect to human well-being. The ego often resists and rejects the soul. It feels threatened with annihilation. The reaction can be drastic so one must exercise caution. A kind of unconscious self-consciousness occurs when the ego is more concerned with upholding its identity than it is with staying in connection with the soul. For example, we may be fighting to maintain an image of ourselves as a productive member of society. We don’t think about the attachment that is behind the desire to be seen as such. The attachment to the identity of being a productive member of society is exactly what is in the way of the soul. It’s important not to resist the attachment because we can become intensely engaged and get carried away from our natural state of presence. We simply need to penetrate the ego so we can see and understand it. The true identity of the soul is our real self. It is not a fairy tale and it is not a game. This is the most real and genuine part of us. Do not believe it until you feel it for yourself. In the meantime be assured with absolute certainty that the stillness of the entire cosmos is contained deep inside you. It is the peace of God which surpasses all understanding and it feels really really really good. It is the exact thing we have unconsciously longed to feel for our entire lives. Just to simply know that we are part of God’s creation expressing itself in an unending number of ways heals us in such a way that we feel resurrected from spiritual deadness. This is the miraculous nature of the spirit of Christ. It is the soul.