Unum Dignum Virtute
The LitRPG genre is really growing at an exponential rate.  As a gamer and voracious reader (I read a book a day, and it's not easy on the budget) I've really enjoyed how this style of story melds two of my passions together into an enjoyable whole.  

I've an idea for an entry into this field, and if there is interest from others I'm sure I could bring it together quickly and create a fun series for others to enjoy.  The idea is simple: what if the desire of people for a god worth worshiping could bring such a being into existence?  And what if such an entity turns to a player for guidance on what humanity actually wants in a deity?  If you can imagine the highs and lows of such a situation, be sure that they will be explored in this series.

On a side note: I have many stories in my mind, so if there is even a slight demand for my writing style I'll be glad to bring them to life.  

Thanks for your time and support!