Up and At'em
A pair of of adventures have spent the entire night battling treacherous paths till finally at dawn they reached the top of the plateau. Pausing briefly to caught their breath the to warriors quickly survey their prey. The beast lay sleeping soundly on a bed of prickly pines, and it's every exhaled breath flattened the tough plains grass around it. Taking deep breaths the Warriors readied their nets and hobbles to capture the beast. Giving each other a nod they rushed in, the first lobbing a sunstone high into the air while the second shouted "Rise and Shine!" With A growl the beast rolled over, and kept on sleeping. A bit irritated with this development the two got came right atop of the beast. "Wake up! Wake up!" "Go away!" The beast shouted. "I don't want to go to school!" The two warriors, parents of a young boy, prepared for an arduous engagement.