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Hello dear patrons,

This is just to notify you of a procedural change: recently, Patreon made it possible for creators to charge new patrons up front, meaning that new patrons' pledges will be processed as soon as they pledge, and not later at the end of the month. All of those patrons' subsequent pledges will be processed on the first of the month. This change affects you ONLY if you increase your pledge: the amount of the increase will be charged immediately. Otherwise, your pledge is processed as before, on the first of the month.

So that's that.


It is really hard to absorb everything that's going on in the world. And hard to understand how to be useful in the face of it.

I have no answers today. I'm just sending you all love, especially people of color in the United States, especially Black people, who are so disproportionately targeted and hurt by state violence.

May the anger turn into action. May I (and we all) figure out how to do so.

Much love,


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