Upcoming Goodness
Hey guys, John here!

Wanted to share some info about upcoming episodes. We are working on something that's kind of a surprise (we'll share when ready) but, beyond that, I have some news on upcoming Retro videos.

For the next episode I've decided to tackle the first in what should become a series on "Failed Consoles" started with the Sega 32x. I want to delve into the hardware to demonstrate what it was and was not capable of while sharing just about the entirety of the library with you. It should be a fun an interesting episode!

Doom is still in the cards but I've pushed it back to accommodate others that will contribute (in the form of a podcast). I've been talking with someone that has worked on one of the ports so it could be very interesting!

Still thinking about a room tour as well in the future but filming it will take some real thought so I don't want to rush that.

Anyways, just wanted to share a small update to give you an idea of where we're heading next! The rest of the crew has their collective heads down working on new content as well!