Upcoming Balmung RP Events (5/30-6/5)
Hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day!

The "Make It Rain" event is going on in the Golden Saucer until Friday June 10. When you do it, make sure to keep trying until you get the full ending. It's hilarious! 

Remember, one more week to go until the patch hits on June 6!

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This Week's Events:

Monday - 5/30/2016

Tuesday - 5/31/2016

Wednesday - 6/1/2016

Thursday - 6/2/2016

  • 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT - Mog Bar Open RP - Lavender Beds Ward 4, Plot 27
  • 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT - Sea Breeze Bazaar Grand Opening - Silver Bazaar, West Thanalan
  • 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM EDT - Harbringers of Dawn Tavern Night - Lavender Beds Ward 5, Plot 58
  • Friday - 6/3/2016

    Saturday - 6/4/2016

    Sunday - 6/5/2016

    Shoutout to all my Patreons: J.Watkins, B.Draken, J.Reed, Aveykin, E.Wu! You folks are all awesome since now I've reached my goal that my monthly sub is paid for. <3z all around!!

    Grab the iCal feed here.

    Looking for a Bar or Tavern to drop in on? Check HERE!


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