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Among the Glimmering Flowers

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Felicity feels stifled by her parents' protective nature. She's the crown princess, yet she's not even allowed to care for her own pony. Her life consists of nothing but rules and permissions. All she wants is a little more freedom.

Horse-friend is happy to have a roof over his head, a job that he likes and food in his stomach every day. He never expected to run into the crown princess as she tries to sneak out of the castle. Or to get caught up in her clumsy attempts at having an adventure.

It isn't long before trouble, rather than adventure, finds both of them, setting them on a course that will change their lives -- and the fate of the kingdom -- forever.

Among the Glimmering Flowers is the story of how two lovers first became friends and the first book in a series exploring a demisexual/allosexual romantic relationship. Readers looking for a low-conflict, cosy story should enjoy this novel.

Mark it on your calendars! June 21st, 2018 will see the release of Among the Glimmering Flowers, the first book in a not-quite trilogy exploring a demisexual/allosexual romantic relationship. Also there may be fairies plotting... something. But mostly this book is... Well, I guess you could call it cosybright? I think it fits. And this book? This book is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about the friendship.

And blackberries.

Blackberries are kind of important. In their way. Just a little.

Did I mention that there are kelpies? Because there are kelpies. They try to eat people. But I should probably disclaimer this in saying that the kelpies only show up for a few chapters because my beta readers were all "But you promised kelpies! D: D: D:" at me when there was less kelpie content than they anticipated.

There're also class issues and did I mention that this story is all about the friendships? Because it is all about the friendships. And there's a non-rivaly f/f friendship and the veeeeeeery beginnings of realising just how different asexual perceptions can be compared to allosexual perceptions. This isn't MG (and one day someone who is good at children's fiction should write an asexual MG novel because OMG I didn't realise until writing this how much we need those), but Felicity is 11, so. And just. I've not seen that in fiction. I've seen characters already aware that they're asexual and I've seen characters who become aware that they're asexual in the course of the story, but... neither story line ever really... attempts to explore the difference? Insofar as that makes sense. That's something that I wanted to do with this whole narrative, so it's something that shows up in this book already and hopefully its acecoding is every bit as obvious to readers as it is to me.

Anyway! This is the most unprofessional-sounding news post I've done in a while, but I'm just really excited about this story as a whole, and this arc in particular. It's exactly the sort of low-key, slice-of-life, non-epic story focusing on relationships (friendships and family) that I always hear people want more of. It's quiet and mostly happy. You know, minus the people-eating kelpies and fairy interference.

And it's all about a girl and a boy befriending one another because circumstances threw them together and found that they actually got along. Opposites attract and all that. It's the most acespec thing I've ever written and I've got so many plans for this verse just on the first book alone. If any of that sounds appealing, though, check it out. Remember, it's coming on June 21st, 2018!

Will there be a print edition?

Eventually, yes.

Patron-exclusive Extras

Patrons have access to behind-the-scenes "making of" videos of a print layout. This isn't the final layout. These videos are more of a "how I design stuff, using this latest release as an example" version. The first is actually already up for all Patrons and the next four will be released once a week! But you can watch me flail around (well, the mouse cursor at any rate) as I try to explain how making stuff look pretty works!

Patrons also have access to a number of cover drafts - which I designed myself! From scratch! :O :O :O - and, if you're a 5+ patron, blurb drafts and things I worry about when writing blurbs discussions. All patrons also have access to a deleted scene! This is actually a deleted prologue! Eventually they'll have access to another deleted scene, but since it's from very late in the story, I'm holding off on posting it until people have had a chance to actually read the book. I also already have a small snippet from the first book 2 draft up for people to enjoy. (That one, though, is not spoilery.)

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