Upcoming Changes
We've been working on some changes for the Fifth World website and the tabletop roleplaying game. We won't have these changes ready in time for PAX Unplugged, so we want to make clear what's coming for anyone who might discover the Fifth World at the Indie Bazaar this year — and maybe the rest of you are curious as to what's coming, too.

We're working on an update to the website. Behind the scenes, it's a complete rewrite. At launch, we hope that it makes it easier to add content to the website. It will certainly make it easier for us to add new features, and that should allow us to roll out new features much more quickly.

We're also working on some updates to the roleplaying game. The core gameplay won't change much. The areas that will see the biggest changes will be family creation and sagas.

Family Creation: We're removing customs from the game entirely. We've heard from players who say that family creation is a major hurdle because it's simply too hard to come up with customs. Instead, family creation will focus on tying your family to its territory, and giving you a few named places to begin with.

Sagas: Just about everything in the saga section at this point is being critically reviewed. Patrons got an update just yesterday that went into some detail on the direction the design is currently heading. We'll probably be removing the concept of milestones and unlocking bundles altogether, and instead making bundles optionally available from the beginning of your game. We'll likely be eliminating crises altogether and moving towards a living, real-time Fifth World. Knowledge is going back into the core game, as it once was, but it's also changing slightly to names, as in knowing the names of others (every name tells a story, and every story forms a relationship).

We don't want to make promises about when these will be ready to go, but we don't anticipate it being very long — a few months, perhaps, or less than that if we're able to find some more time to work.