Upcoming changes (+ planned downtime) to my Patreon
Hello all! Here's an important announcement about upcoming changes to my Patreon that you'll see over the next few days.

Journey Rewards are SAFE

First of all, those of you who have been patrons of mine for a while and are in the middle of earning Journey Rewards, you'll still get your rewards as promised!!! I have your rewards locked into my calendar and will not be changing these, so don't worry.

Keeping it simple and clear

Second, I will be greatly simplifying my patreon page and moving several details to my personal website, which is also being revamped. Of note:

  • The Journey Rewards will simply be mentioned here, but their exact details will be outlined on my personal site in a Patreon-specific page
  • I will almost completely scrap the current description on my page and re-write it to be shorter with three specific projects in mind (to be announced!)
  • I've already "hidden" some of the rewards I offer, but I will also simplify my rewards. I'm pretty sure my Early Bird and Early Hawk will remain as-is, but my Download reward will be reduced to only $2 as I'll be introducing resource bundles and tutorials as download items available to these patrons. Non-patrons will be able to purchase resources and tutorials for $3+ via GumRoad, Commissio and other sites.

A temporary pause and RELAUNCH!

As I've mentioned here and there, my partner and I have a 2-month road trip coming up throughout New Zealand in our trusty but rusty camper van! I originally planned to keep this Patreon going during that time, but thinking in practical terms now, our access to Internet will be spotty at best, and it's unpredictable how regularly we'll be able to pause and work on personal projects like art.

That said, I DO plan to produce a ton of art during this time (I have so many art supplies to need to burn through...), and when Internet is available I'll be sharing on Twitter , Facebook , DeviantArt  and other places. Please follow me on there if you aren't already.

During the "hiatus" I'll focus on creating a lot of content. I've been away from the art and fandom scenes for quite some time, so I need to earn those eyes again. I feel this is a strong reason my Patreon has been kind of slow: Lack of focus and lack of enough people knowing about me to begin with. So, I'll try to get into a good schedule of producing and releasing art.

As mentioned, I will still make good on Journey rewards during this time, so don't fret. Additionally, if you're a patron of mine, you can message me on Telegram (@Zelaphas) and I'll be happy to chat and share previews of what I'm working on. 

So...that's about it! I will start the pause (start...pause...?) in May, and then resume when  we're in Australia in August. When I decide to relaunch, I'll do a similar promotion to what I did last time. My current patrons won't have to lift a finger; I think you'll just be notified that I'm starting up again and all is cool.

As always, I'm open to feedback on this and everything else for my Patreon. This is for YOU guys in the end, and I cannot thank you enough for your support.

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