Upcoming Comic Short Story!
So this story idea has been on my heart for years and years and I first was going to do it as a visual novel but I think putting it into a short story comic format would be so much better and more fun because I want to try out a new airy, cheesy, fluffy style!

This story is based off of a true story and since I finally have all of Rescue me all outline (Rescue me will be 8 chapters long all together and right now chapter 5 is already posted online so there are 3 chapters left.) This story will be the next story that I want to do when Rescue me is over.

Like I stated above I wanted to do this story for so long and first shared it as a visual novel but I think Curse of the Caribbean fits much better as a visual novel and since I started School Memories before Curse of the Caribbean this will be the next story to finish that has been on the back burner for a while. After this story I plan on finishing up Curse of the Caribbean and then we will see what the next step will be from there.

I'm still working on the cleaned up and understandable synopsis for this comic but here is a brief little blurp of what genre it will fall in:

 Echo is the definition of  "Adorkable" With a love for nature facts and peanut butter cookies she's trying her best to keep her dorkiness under control because the last thing she wants is to have a big fat target set on her since she is going to be the new girl in school (in the middle of the school year) but things don't seem to go her way when on her first day of school she locks eyes with the larger then life scary looking boy dressed in all black sitting in the back corner of the room. She wishes with all of her might that she doesn't have to sit next to him but of course life doesn't work out that way. This is based on a true story about family, friendship, and puppy love! Echo will learn how to be true to who she is and not lose herself because of fear and snap judgments of those around her.

I hope you all will enjoy this next story in the works. I'm super excited to finally be doing this story! So keep your eyes out for School Memories! (Also totally was listening to Frank Sinatra's song night and day and I just had to add some of the lyrics on this work in progress cover. These won't stay I just wanted to add them for fun!)

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