Upcoming Content and a Change of Plans
Hey people! Just a quick update to let everyone know where things are at.

First up, a possible opportunity to present a game as part of a small showcase has presented itself. Voices of the Past feels like the best fit for that, and so I'm switching gears to focus on that over the upcoming Winter's Wake demo update.

I don't expect this to have a huge impact (I'm mostly going to be doing the same engine work I'd be doing for Winter's Wake anyway), but since I'd already talked about my plans, I thought it'd be inappropriate to not mention that they'd changed!

I've been making a nice amount of progress over the past few days, working on HMD support and fixing a few misc bugs. Adding chromatic aberration correction for HMD rendering, and having some shortcuts for moving the game between monitors are the two things I'm planning to tackle tomorrow.

I had planned to roll out a Patreon post in January with thoughts on some of the games I'd played in 2015. It turns out that I either played a lot more or had a lot more to say than I expected, and I've only just gotten that to a state where I can publish it. Thing is, it's huge.

Since Patreon doesn't offer nice ways of doing things like contents lists and in-document linking, I feel like it might to be better to publish this up on Cheese Talks even though it doesn't really feel like Cheese Talks content. Longer term, I want to revamp the site and make space for side-content like this, but I'm not there yet.

So, if anybody has any thoughts on whether they prefer that sort of stuff here or on Cheesetalks.net, let me know!

We're also less than a month a month away form the close of the Another World questionnaire. I'm planning to do a push over the next few days and give reminders to a bunch of people. There are a number of noteworthy people that I've not had any luck in getting a response from so far, such as Danny and Arin from Game Grumps (who have created a sort of sub-culture of Another World fans who are specifically fans of their interpretation/presentation of the game), Audun Sorlie (author of HardcoreGaming101's Another World article), and Fabien Sanglard (author of Another World Source Code Review), but there's a point at which I have to let go and accept that I've gotten all I can get, and that point is the 25th (so close!).

I've been a bit slack and haven't switched off the Humble Visualisations yet. I'm expecting to do that tomorrow. Raise a glass/flagon/flag in its memory.

I'll pop up the usual monthly update post around the end of the week. In the meantime, stay awesome!