Upcoming EP "I Tried to Be Kind" - sneak peek of all the songs...
First off, thank you SO MUCH to the hundreds of folks who have already pre-ordered the EP. I look forward to printing your names (and NOT the name of a label) on the physical album, since you are the ones who make independent art possible.

This video is a preview of all the songs on the album - all originals that Lauren and I wrote and recorded from home. If you like the songs, there's still time to get your name printed on the EP *wink wink, nudge nudge.* It's my personal goal to get 1,000 names on the album. Perhaps a bit "ambitious", since I had about 1,250 on my last album and WAY more time to promote it, but why not shoot for the stars? 😉

Ok thank you again. Looking forward to sharing more music with you in the very near future!