Upcoming Maintenance on April 6th 10:00~15:00
  • Contents

-Emergency Mission "Third Youkai Taisen" ( 第三次妖怪大戦).

-Revival Mission "Dark Knighthood and the Keeper of the Holy Forest" ( 暗黒騎士と聖なる森の番人) Begins (April 10th 0:00~16th 23:59).

-Revival Majin Advent "Thunderstorm Furfur" ( 轟雷のフールフール ) Begins (April 10th 0:00~16th 23:59).

  • Pick-up Summoning:

-Theme: Units that can evade/nullify enemy attacks.

Black: Dina, Cornelia, Alice, Rinne

Plat: Mage Sasha, Healer Saria, Youko Inari, Rogue Junon

  • Trading Post:

-Following Units Replaced on April 13th 10:00

(Magic) Louise, Spica, Hien, Ryuryu

-Pippin removed on April 10th 23:59.

-(100 Revival) Plat Ranger Ricola Added (April 10th 0:00~17th 23:59).

  • April Fools Apology:

-5 SC and Silver Monk Dan for all players registered before April 1st 23:59.

  • Other:

-Premium 1 and 2 Chance-up Units Changed (2 on Monday).


Nothing new announced to get excited about. Wouldn't put it past them if they made Koyomi's event an item trial after all of their previous attempts to extract money from the player-base. 

The constant deluge of revivals every week must be insanely inconvenient for new players who don't have much time to raise their characters to prepare for them.