Upcoming Coloring Pages!
Wow, sounds like you guys have been having fun with our first coloring page!  The most frequently asked questions I've been getting this week have been "What's the next coloring page?" "When is the next coloring page?" etc., so I'll just make a post here!

The next coloring page will be "Milagros:  La Calavera" - and that will be on October 2nd.  Technically I've officially said it's a "monthly" coloring page, so this next one will be early but I wanted to start you guys off with a couple near the beginning to get you started.

And..... ::drum roll:: the coloring page after that will be "Ninja Dragonlings" - I thought that one might be one of the most fun ones to color!  That will be the third page, out at the end of October/beginning of November.

Also, I'd love your opinion on this - I've been thinking too, that if these really do seem to be well-loved and quite popular (we've even had a few brand new Patrons here, who just signed up specifically to get the coloring pages!) - I might try to bump up the schedule to doing a coloring page EVERY TWO WEEKS instead of each month, which would be a ton more to colour.  The problem is the time/$$/legal logistics involved in creating the brand new pages (since they are all Patreon exclusive it means we can't use the ones from my existing coloring books or make a public coloring book with them, etc.).  

So I am tentatively thinking about making my next Patreon Goal (the $6k one, after the hiring-Matt-a-fulltime-employee goal) a "Double the Number of Coloring Pages" Goal.  What do you guys think?  I know not everybody is into coloring, but for those of you who are - would it be more exciting to get a new page every two weeks?  Or is that too much?  I wouldn't charge any more for that, I'd keep it at the same $5+ tier, don't worry.  I am just thinking  about adding that as one of my own personal Patreon goals.

Also I'm thinking too that for the NEXT page after the Ninjas I might hold a poll/vote here at Patron so you guys can pick what painting you want to colour!



PS, and as always - if you are not yet in the coloring page tier and want to be, it's easy to upgrade- http://www.patreon.com/jasminebecketgriffith - just select the "5+" tier on your right hand side, for the Coloring Page option.  You'll get ALL the coloring pages that way!