Upcoming Patreon Tier Changes
Hey Patrons!

Starting in May this patreon will be reverted to a personal one, meant to help patron personal projects & bring income outside of commissions. Content wise, I will be doing a mix of things : fanart, pin-ups, oc (original characters/worlds) art, portfolio work, & mini comics (I may fund longer comics with kickstarter, we'll see). I would like to note, that unless otherwise noted this is all early-access & not about establishing a "pay wall". Pieces will be posted in galleries, but the Patreon helps me fund the time to work on them.

Here are the new tiers :

$1 - one finished pin-up/month.

$3 - ^+ web resolutions of all finished works.

$5 - ^+ work-in-progress updates, any short comics done per month.

$10 - ^+ .psd files, 300DPI (flattened) zip files sent to inboxes at end of patroned month.

$20 - ^+ Monthly QnA post, time lapse gif/video* of one piece/m minimum.

*Working on this, so unsure as to exact format as of yet. But as I'm not able to stream yet, thought the combo of QnA & time lapse will work for now. 

As some personal life situations have changed, I anticipate I'll be more productive than I had been before using/during the Patreon for Cut Loose. Speaking of, I'll probably still draw the characters on occasion, but I have no further plans for Cut Loose comics.

For the rest of April I'll be making some personal art to serve as new patreon graphics, so stay tuned! ^_^

Thank you very much for supporting me in my artistic endeavors, heres' to many more!