Upcoming Patreon Rewards
The one thing I noticed that we do (or that, I guess, we don't do) is update here as much as we should. Part of the problem is that a lot of our time doing stuff that's stuff behind a pay wall, part of it is that we forget until the last minute and then post everything the day before the end of the month (like...today).

We just got a gig with Boom!Studios, which is AWESOME, but is going to

require us to work literally every single day until Dec. I think if we

budgeted things correctly we have about 6 days off during that whole

time (which will probably be used for finishing other stuff) and another

5-6 days every month (since Kicks inks and Shoes colors we have different days off) for things other then Boom, which includes Slipshine, Filthy Figments and


To circumvent that, we've decided to start posting pages from our Slipshine, Filthy Figments and Hardblush pages here. $1 will still get access to sketches, $5 will get access to lineart and $20 (since nobody has picked the $10 tier we shuffled things around and got rid of it) will get access to full colored pages, along with everything else. If we've got it right we have enough content to get through Dec, and at that point we should have more done to show for it.

Hopefully everyone's ok with that, and if you have any comments or considerations, just let us know!