Upcoming Release: The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

Coming June 1st, 2019

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A deliciously queer magical person story in a secondary world with floating cities and airships, perfect for fans of She-Ra and Steven Universe.
All thaes life, Oibe Ekêmai has wanted to become a lêqnaemi, a travelling dancer skilled at nudging the world’s magic into making everyone’s lives a little easier. Thae has trained years for their chance at the Festival of Paths, where new apprentices will be chosen.
But the lêqnaemi have secrets they only reveal to those chosen to join their ranks and Oibe Ekêmai and thaes new friends soon find themselves thrust into an age-old conflict. With almost no preparation and certainly no training, their group will have to face the horrors all lêqnaemi have sworn to face and triumph, or the entire world may be lost to darkness forever.
CW: Major character death, body horror, citywide devastation, relatively graphic descriptions of gore, references to alcoholism, references to abuse

Tags: aromantic bisexual lead, magical girl but with a nonbinary protagonist, because platonic relationships are just as powerful as romantic ones, friendship saves the day, creepy creatures made of darkness (I'd still totally take some home as pets), exes can be good friends too, questioning side character, assume everyone is queer, airship goodness, buckets are your best friend while travelling, dancing is magic, sometimes you don't want dreams to come true, it has a happy ending (I promise), stubbornness can be a powerful thing, not on my watch, come for the cute stay for the world-saving shenanigans

SURPRISE! It's an entirely new young adult novella coming this June! I've hinted at this one on Twitter a bit, and Patrons have had a chance to read through older drafts of this story. I've always loved magical girl stories - seriously, if you want to know how I tick, watch Sailor Moon season finales - but I've also always felt a little... outside of the ones I've experiences because bits of it never really felt for me. It's the structuring and that's probably an essay in and of itself.

And then I finally decided to write a story in this genre that did things my way. Which means it stars an aromantic lead, all the important characters are queer in some way and most of them are explicitly queer, someone has intrusive anxiety thoughts, language is A Thing, secondary worlds rock, dancing is important, and, oh yes, friendship saves the day. I'm incredibly proud of this little novella. It's been great to dive into a genre that has meant so much to me and to put my own spin on it. I've already got a sequel idea squirrelled away in my head. To work on after I finish DemiPrincess, that is.

That said, as you can probably tell from the tags, this story is going to be a bit darker than most of my other work to date. It's closer to the peeweww shorts than anything else. That doesn't mean it doesn't have any fluff to it or that it doesn't have a happy ending, but the road leading there is a bit darker than you might be used to from my work. It also means I end up worrying about how to describe it a bit because did I made the notes and warnings strong enough? Did I overstate them? AGH!

And then I decided that this was the book I was going to use comp titles on and WHY ARE THE BEST COMP TITLES VERY POPULAR TV SHOWS. (Answer: because the magical girl genre is very much a visual genre and also the graphic novels I could compare it to kind of don't work because they rely too much on being set in this world. Trust me, if you liked She-Ra or Steven Universe because they're unapologetically queer AF stories, you'll probably enjoy this one for the same reasons.)

Come meet my trio of doofuses as they hang out by moonlight and do their untrained utmost to fight evil by daylight! It'll be available on June 1st, just in time to celebrate Pride Month and it'll be on sale for $1.99 for the duration of the month. In July, it's going up to it's regular $3.99 price, so be sure to get it now. THAT SAID, if you're looking for a bargain, hold off a little on preordering because I have more Pride Month related news coming up and you'll be able to get it at an even better discount, albeit only slightly, and if you want to support me with just the one book purchase, preordering it is a very good way to go about it.

I'll update this post with preorder links when I've got them. I'm just really excited to be preparing to send this out into the world and I can't wait to share it with you all! (Alas, I have to, because I picked June 1st as my release date. GO ME.)

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