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...with a bunch of new-style Eudora Rose bracelets AND matching organza necklaces 😃
The latter will be free for every order placed before May 20th!!
More news soon 🍀

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Awesome patron
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  • Access to patron-only content
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases
  • Work-in-progress pictures
  • Patron-only polls to choose future art themes and/or piece details
  • A printable drawing or greeting card at the end of the year (obtained by download); subject will be decided by poll :3
Federico da Montefeltro
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Everything from the 'Awesome patron' tier plus:
  • High-quality downloads of printable image packs, be they unique Victorian illustrations or original designs (old downloadable issues excluded)
  • Preparatory sketches for sculptures and projects
  • Exclusive discounts for our shop's items! Issued periodically
Antonia Barbiano di Belgiojoso
$10 or more per month
  • A monthly package of 10 fantasy stickers (both coloured and customizable), including first dibs on new designs - OR - a OOAK, original haiku drawing (approx 8x20 cm) mailed directly to you
  • All previous rewards
Cosimo de' Medici
$30 or more per month
  • Monthly gift box with limited-edition jewels made exclusively for Patrons: a set of charms (up to three) OR a bracelet OR a necklace, with sculpted details or Swarovsky gems
  • Polls to choose the gift box's theme
  • Plus all rewards from 'Federico da Montefeltro's tier
Lorenzo il Magnifico
$50 or more per month
  • A monthly batch of our pure-white, secret-recipe cold porcelain clay (200 gr) OR two jewel gifts from Cosimo de' Medici's tier
  • Automatically enter an end-of-the-year, special giveaway reserved for our patrons
  • All previous rewards
  • Our undying love and gratitude :D
Caio Cilnio Mecenate
$100 or more per month
  • An exclusive, OOAK deluxe custom sculpture (fantasy theme, like 'Rainbow Bird') made to your wishes and never to be replicated. A truly unique piece, one every 12 months of subscription, trackable shipping included.
  • Our undying gratitude and love! Truly, thank you so much.
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