Upcoming Series
Thank you everyone for the great support following the release of the latest video! I got a lot of great complements and feedback that I really appreciate. Probably the most common thing I heard was "I didn't understand any of that, but it was cool!" I'm pleased that you found it interesting, and I understand the struggle of not being able to follow along. For these glitch explanation videos, I try to target an audience that already has an understanding of low-level programming. It would be difficult to cater to all knowledge levels, so I picked a target audience that would at least be fun to watch for most people and also be full of useful information without dumming down too much of it.

That being said, I know I should make videos that target those who don't know much about programming or are going into that learning field too! That's why I have two short-video series that I am working on along side the main video series.

1. 6502/65C816 Assembly Tutorials

Just like it sounds, these goal of this series is to teach you how the 6502 and 65C816 processors work and how to use their respective assembly languages. You shouldn't need any prior programming experience to be able to follow along, and if you do you might still learn a thing or two. Although these architechtures are what the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES use, I'll try to stay away from any Nintendo-specific functions and stick to the assembly itself. (I may still use it as an example). I'll keep the SNES hardware stuff for the next series...

2. SNES Features

This series will focus on everything one step above the assembly language. You can do a lot with the assembly on its own, but how does the SNES make an image stream with it? How is a game's source code mapped into memory, and how does it receive input from the player? Those are the types of questions that will be answered here.

Those are the things I have planned for the future. If you want to see a full list of everything I have plans for, just check out this link: http://dotsarecool.com/rgme/ Like always, I'm open to suggestions, just let me know anything you'd like to see! I might make a video on it. :)