Upcoming songs and your requests
Hey guys! I hope you had a great Easter weekend! Since the new GoT season is coming out I was thinking about doing a multi-violin video this week for The Rains of Castamere, what do you think? I love that song and since I have the vocal version on my channel it might be nice to have an all-violin one as well ;) I was also considering doing an electric violin version of the Mortal Kombat theme since that new game is coming out soon too and it's a pretty fun song. Lots of options :D I am talking with Landon right now about doing a music video for my original song Morning Star and also a Sword Art Online video since that one has been so heavily requested, but I want to do some more production for those so in the meantime I'll keep it simpler in my home studio. Let me know what you think and any other requests you'd have for future songs. Maybe some pop/rock stuff in the future too? Thanks for your input :D